1. The Wave

From the recording The Wave

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The Wave

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So there I was
Walking along
Smelling the flowers
Crossing the ocean
Singing a song

And the stars
They shone so bright
I was getting closer to something
As I held your hand in mine

If not for the wave
Rises up so tall knocks you right up off your feet
If not for the wave
Makes you feel so alone but it’s inside of you and me
Of you and me

It doesn’t take much
To conjure it up
A simple reminder of a time that came before
A long lost friend
An untimely end
Pleasure or pain
The scars, they´re all the same

They bring on the wave
When the sea opens up drags you way down underneath
Look out for the wave
Take the breath from my lungs
Leave me washed out on the beach

So there I was
With a weight in my bones
I have come to know so well
I can’t speak
I’ll just wait here quietly
Till the colours come back
Till the tide rolls out again

After the wave